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Heart of Darkness

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Q: What game has a dog that gets kidnapped by aliens and a boy trys to go save it?
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Does anyone know the game on miniclip where a farmer gets kidnapped and his pig tries to save him?

Save the Sheriff :)

How do you save the game on aliens vs predator?

It saves on its own.

What happens in Maximum Ride the Angel Experiment?

Angel gets kidnapped and the flock needs to save her. Just read the book!

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Privet Peter.Кем я стану?

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there r no kidnapped kids

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this kid was ubducted by aliens and his sister was killed trying to save him

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the aliens will come to save us when the world ends

What is crisis 2 about?

It is about a marine that gets this bionic suit that can save the world. There army wants to take the suit. The aliens want to take over the world and so you have to stop them.

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What is the ncis episode worst nightmare about?

It is about a teenage girl who gets kidnapped. NCIS is investigating the case when her grandpa tries to save her too. The grandpa was a secret agent and one of his team guys would have kidnapped the kid to get back at his old boss. How the team saves the girl is part of the rest of the story

How do you save your game in pockie pirates?

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