What fruit has a letter j?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Q: What fruit has a letter j?
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Name of fruit or vegetable with the letter j?

Jack fruit starts with a J.

What fruit begins with letter j?


What is a fruit with the first letter starting j?


Fruit that starts with the letter j?

· jalapeno pepper

What vegtable starts with the letter j?

jucie fruit (balls)

Friut that starts with the letter j?

Yes, there is-- a jack-fruit is a fruit, so that will conclude your question and wonders.

What Fruit or vegetable beginning with letter j is there?

yes there is it is called a Jackfruit

What kinds of apples fruit start with letter J?

Jonathans Gold

A vegetable or fruit being with a letter j?

vegetables, Jerusalem artichoke Jícamafruits, Jakfruit.

What kind of fruit begins with the letter J?

Jumbalia Japanese pie fish Jeorgiana

What are some fruits that begin with the letter J?

Fruits that start with the letter J:JaboticabaJack fruitJaffa orangeJaguaJalapeno pepperJamaica cherryJamaica plumJambulJamumJapanese bayberryJapanese pumpkinJapanese raisinJasmineJatobaJavaJelly nutJenipapoJerusalem artichokeJew's Apple also known as Aubergine and June berry.JicamaJingleberryJocoteJohnathan applesJon-A-Gold applesJon-o-gold applesJujubeJune berryJune plumJuniper berryJuremAcording to botany, plants with seeds are concidered seeds, therefore - peppers are concidered fruit - even though they aren't sweet. So, for example, a jalapeno is a fruit!Jujube is a fruit starting with the letter J. This fruit is sometimes called a Chinese date. Jackfruit are another fruit starting with J.

What is the name of a fruit or vegetable starting with the letter J?

· Japanese Radish · Jerusalem Artichoke · Jicama (Mexican Turnip)