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bok choy

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Q: What food in Asia that starts with a b?
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What is a food that starts with A and B?


What is a grain food that starts with b?


Which. Food has 10 letters and starts with a B?


What 4 letter food starts with B?


What two word food starts with S B?

soda bread, string bean

What is another name for food poisioning that starts with the letter b?

The word you seek is botulism.

What country is near the Philippines starts with letter b?

The country near the Philippines that starts with the letter "B" is Brunei. It is situated on the island of Borneo, which is close to the southern Philippines.

What animal that starts with letter B?

Bear starts with the letter B

What is a capital in asia that starts with a B?

There are lots of them like Beirut, the capital of Lebanon; Bangkok, the capital of Thailand; Beijing, the capital of China; Baghdad, the capital of Iraq.

What food starts with letter b and ends with letter a?

Bruschetta. It's a kind of traditional Italian garlic bread.

What is a country that's starts with b?

Belgium is a country that starts with B.

What chicken starts with the letters B?

The chicken that starts with B is bantam.