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Q: What five letter word has four vowels beside each other?
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Give you a sample sentence of beside?

The stood beside each other.

What is the contraction of we and are?

Here's how you do contractions like this. We + are ... you don't want to have two vowels beside each other, so you don't just write "weare." You drop one vowel - in this case, the "a." The contraction then becomes "we're."

What words have 2 vowels next to each other?

Some examples of words with 2 vowels next to each other are: "cooperate", "eager", "ooze", and "quiet".

Are betta fish allowed to sit next to each other on the counter or do they have to be separated?

yes they can live beside each other i have a tank in the hexagon with all of them beside each other. they will try to fight still but that is normal.

Which is the word containg only vowels?

The words "I" and "a" each contain only one letter which is a vowel. a word that has only vowels could be aiea and it is a city name

What are Lines that do not touch each other but run right beside each other?

they are parallel lines.

How many types of letter are there in Hindi?

There are 13 vowels and 36 consonants in the Hindi alphabet. Each letter represents a specific sound when spoken.

What are two angles beside each other?

Adjacent angles.

What words can you put beside The name Christina for the word for each letter things?


What words have the vowels a and i next to each other?

aim ailment a diabolical diatom diagram

how harlem and north carolina?

they both beside each other idn

If I stand beside you am I 'side by each'?

No, "side by each" is not the correct phrase. The correct expression is "side by side."