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The Zapata County Fire Department begins with the letter Z. It is located in Zapata, Texas.

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Q: What fire departments start with Z?
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What fire departments start with the letter q?

Quincy (Illinois) Fire Department

How many fire departments are on Twitter?

there are six fire departments on twitter

Does the president pay for fire departments?

No, the money used to fund fire departments comes from tax payers.

How many fire departments are there located in Omaha, Nebraska?

There are 12 fire departments located in Omaha, Nebraska.

Where can one find information on volunteer fire departments?

General information about volunteer fire departments can be found on Wikipedia. More specific information about volunteer fire departments can be found on the websites hosted by individual volunteer departments as well as local news organizations that cover their activities.

How many fire departments are there?

about 20

What fire companies start with the letter Z?

The Zoar Volunteer Fire Department is a fire company in Zoar, Ohio. Zumbro Falls Fire and Rescue is a volunteer fire company in Zumbro Falls, Minnesota.

How many fire departments are in Wisconsin?


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Who governs the Fire Department?

There are various forms of government over Fire departments. There is the State who is responsible for state property like forest. There are City fire department's, and their is Government fire departments like the Military Fire fighters (I was one) and their is Volunteer departments, like the ones in rural areas. Most all of them are guided by the "NFPA" Codes & Standards (National Fire Protection Association)

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