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The main features that the game maker pro have,are:

1). It allows the use of it's 3d functionality

2). You can load dll's

3). It doesnot shows that logo of their, while the process of loading your game.

3). And some other minor features

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Q: What features do pro edition of game maker have?
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How much does the Pro Edition of Game Maker cost?

You can download the Lite Edition of Game Maker for free, however, the Pro Edition of Game Maker costs $20.00 US Dollars.

Do you need Pro Edition on Game Maker 7 to make fighting games?


What is game maker 7 pro activation code?

The Game Maker 7 Pro activation code allows you to upgrade from Game Maker 7 Lite to Game Maker 7 Pro.

Can you import AVI into Game Maker?

You cannot import an AVI into game maker 7.0 pro or lite. BUT, with game maker 8.0, you can make a splash screen consisting of an AVI. OR if you really want your AVI in your game, you can convert your AVI into a short GIF.

How do you create a first person game in game maker?

For making a First person shooter game you need Game Maker pro edition. For making your fps game you can see this tutorial:

What is the best version of game maker?

That would probably be, Game maker 7.0 pro, and if you meant freeware it'sprobably, Game maker 7.0 (not pro)

Game maker pro?

GameMaker Pro is the upgraded edition of GameMaker Lite. In the new version there are many more things you can do and many more kinds of games you are able to make.

Does game maker's aprentice come with game maker pro?

no it comes with 7.0 lite

Where can you get game maker 7pro?

Game Maker 7 Pro can be bought for about 20 US dollars at the official Game Maker website (

Is game maker pro in stores?

You won't find it in stores. Download Game Maker Trial, and buy a licence from there. -Battlemaster1

Do you have to have pro edition game maker to set the gravity to an object?

No, but you may need Advanced Mode enabled. It is in the 'Move' tab, and is two blue arrows pointing down for d+d

Can you buy game maker pro in Canada?

Yes I did it and its great!