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Des'ree (born 1968), a British pop/soul vocalist throughout the 1990s

Désirée Clary (born 1777), Queen of Sweden (1818-1844)

Desireé Cousteau (born 1956), an American porn star

Desiree Heslop (born 1961), a British singer also known by the stage name Princess

Desiree Horton (born 1971, nickname: "Chopper Chick"), a Los Angeles helicopter pilot/TV reporter and United States Forest Service helicopter firefighter

Desirée Rogers (born 1959), White House Social Secretary

Desiree Washington (born 1973), a beauty pageant contestant

Princess Désirée of Hohenzollern (born 1963) desiree candler

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Q: What famous person was named Desiree?
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