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Muhammad Ali is a famous boxer. He is the former heavy-weight boxing champion of the world.

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Q: What famous boxer starts with mohammed?
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Is Mohammed a famous boxer?

Yes. Muhammad Ali is a famous boxer.

What is Mohammed the famous boxer's last name?

Ali. Before he changed his name to Mohammed his last name was Clay.

When was Mohammed Amin - boxer - born?

Mohammed Amin - boxer - was born in 1913.

What is a famous boxer last name that starts with an A?

Muhammad Ali

What actors and actresses appeared in Death of a Boxer - 2009?

The cast of Death of a Boxer - 2009 includes: Mohammed Abu Khadija as Mohammed Abu Khadija

Who is the most Muslim famours boxer?

Mohammed Ali.

Is Mohammed Ali the best boxer in the world?

Yes , He is .

Which boxer converted to Islam in 1975?

mohammed ali

What did Cassius do?

Boxer, better known as Mohammed Ali

What did Cassius Clay do?

Boxer, better known as Mohammed Ali

Who was the first boxer to defeat mohammed ali?

kamran gul

Who are the worlds best boxers?

mohammed ali is the boxer in the world