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In the book, when George and Lennie enter the ranch for the first time George has to cover for Lennie by claiming that he was kicked in the head by horse as a kid. After that though, Lennie asks why he lied. Other than that, Steinbeck never writes the name. You can Google it. :)

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Q: What explanation is given to Lennie's condition?
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What explanation is given for lennies mental conditon is it accurate?

Lennie's mental condition is described as a developmental disability, likely intellectual disability or cognitive impairment. It is depicted as a realistic portrayal of someone with limited cognitive abilities, which affects his understanding of the world around him and his social interactions. While the explanation is simplified and at times stereotypical in "Of Mice and Men," it serves to highlight the challenges faced by individuals with such disabilities during the time period in which the novel is set.

What explanation is given for Lennie's mental condition?

Lennie's mental condition is characterized by a cognitive disability that impairs his ability to reason and comprehend social situations. This is suggested to be a result of a traumatic brain injury from a childhood incident involving a head injury. Additionally, Lennie's limited cognitive abilities make it difficult for him to understand and navigate complex social interactions.

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What are george and lennies last names?

In John Steinbeck's novel "Of Mice and Men," George and Lennie's last names are not given. They are simply referred to as George Milton and Lennie Small.

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