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I bought a new one in January of 1969

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Q: What exact year is model 1P3711 Magnavox stereo console?
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What exact year is model 1P3711 Magnavox console?


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Two easy suggestions. 1) Trick: pre-pend a 1 to the code. Some have found by just adding an additional "1" in-front of the comcast remote code works. For, example, My Magnavox codes found at: were 0054, 0030, 0179, & 0186. So I should try 10054, 10030, 10179, 10186. 2) Goto the remote manufacturer's site. I found out that my comcast remote is made by UEI at this URL: I found my remote on that page (one similiar, not exact) and clicked for the codes. which led me here (great page...) It asked for my "BRAND" (magnavox) and "MODEL" (left blank). it returned code: 10054 Same as one in answer #1 AND IT WORKED!!! Good Luck