What event is jirachi?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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It is called Edge of Night Sky Jirachi
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Q: What event is jirachi?
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When is the jirachi event?

The Jirachi event was from February 27-March 13 at GameStop.

Do you have to pay to get jirachi from Gamestop?

no but the jirachi event is over.

Where do you get Jirachi?

You get it with either the bonus disk from Pokemon Colisseum or from a Pokemon event distributing Jirachi. Its the 26th and a jirachi gamestop event starts tomorow.

Can you get jirachi in Pokemon Platinum?

There Will Be A Upcoming Pokemon Event And It Is About Jirachi.

How to get jirachi in Pokemon Sapphire?

Jirachi is an event Pokemon, so it has to be received by a Nintendo event. Or you can hack (Best not to).

If you have the jirachi from a different game and didn't get it at gamestop will it still work to the jirachi event in HG-SS?

no... there is a special ine of code in the jirachi you get from gamestop that lets you do the event...

If you trade jirachi to soul silver will you get night sky's edge?

only if you got the jirachi suprise the event jirachi

How do you get jirachi in Pokemon heartgold?

You must get Jirachi from an event in Diamond, Pearl, or Platinum then trade to heartgold. There was also a Wi-Fi event in which you could receive a Jirachi which has since passed.

How do you get jirachi in pokemon soulsiver?

you get it from an event

What is the Pokemon event after jirachi from 2010?

an event at Gamestop a 15 day event

Is it possible to get jirachi in iron island?

no. jirachi has to be traded from another gba game wich you get from a special event no. you have to migrate jirachi from a GBA game witch you get from a special event. hint check out

What are the latest event Pokemon?

the jirachi event but it only works in japan