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well while in the future he dies when he goes to fight the androids. trunks said he was going with him but gohan went behind trunks and knocked him out so he couldn't come


ANSWER: I don't remember the exact episode, but in the future Trunks' old present, Gohan died to save him (Trunks) -- he knocked him out. (("History of Trunks Dbz Movie"))


Gohan died when Kidd Buu destroyed Earth straight after he was brought back from Buu's body. ((This can't be proven because Gohan was never found in the afterlife before the wish. Brolly had a move as a baby to save himself from a planet's destruction maybe Gohan did too.))

It was when buu was revived in like episode 210-220.

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Q: What episode of Dragon Ball Z does gohan die?
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When did Gohan die in Dragon Ball GT?

Gohan nevers dies in GT

What episode of Dragon Ball Z does Vegta die in?

Dragonball Z Episode 71

When does cell die in dragonball z?

In the Original Series Gohan kills him in Episode 176 In the Remastered Series Gohan Kills him in episode 191

Is vegeta going to die on the next dragon ball z Kai?

he dies on episode 42.

What episode of Dragon Ball Z does Nappa die?

Android 17 dies in episode "Say Goodbye, 17". Season 8 of Dragonball Z. Cell absorbed him.

Dragon Ball af did xicor die?

dragon ball af and xicor isn't real

Does cell from Dragon Ball Z die?

Cell gets killed by Gohan. The previous answer said that he went to "hell", which is untrue(since hell exists in the Christian religion), he went into the "afterlife"(where dead people go in DBZ).

Does trunks die in Dragon Ball gt?


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How does piccolo die?

In Dragon Ball Z, Piccolo dies three times and in Dragon Ball GT he dies for good. First death: Nappa fired and attack at Gohan and Piccolo jumped in the way, saving Gohan but dies in the process. Second death: Frieza fires a death beam at Goku but Piccolo sacrifices himself again by pushing Goku out of the way and he gets killed instead. Third death: Kid Buu destroys the earth and Gohan, Goten and Trunks die with Piccolo. Fourth and final death: The Black Star Dragon Balls damage the earth and Piccolo thinks if he dies, the Black Star Dragon Balls will turn stone. Piccolo and the earth are destroyed but the earth is wished back. But sadly, Piccolo was already wished back before and couldn't be wished back again. RIP Piccolo.

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He died three times one time in dragon ball and twice in dragon ball z

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Baby was killed in episode 39. After Baby leaves Vegeta's body and runs away, Goku blasts him with a Kamehameha and sends him into the sun.