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Dragon Ball Z Kai episode 47

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Q: What episode of Dragon Ball Z Kai does Goku turn Super Saiyan?
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In dragon ball z what episode does vegeta turn super saiyan?

episode 129

What episode does Goku go super saiyan 4 for the first time in dragon ball gt?

episode 35

Dragon Ball Z legend of super saiyan 2?

The episode when gohan goes ss2

What dragonball gt season is gogeta ssj4 in?

Goku turns super saiyan 4 in Dragon Ball GT Episode 35 (Goku's Ascension) Vegeta turns super saiyan 4 by bluts waves when fighting Omega Shenron in Dragon Ball GT Episode 59 (Super Saiyan 4 Vegeta)

Which episode does vegeta turns super saiyan 4?

Vegeta turns ssj4 in episode 59 of dragon-ball gt

What episode does goku go ssj 3?

Goku goes super saiyan 3 episode 246 in dragon ball z the episode name is super saiyan 3?! So its kinda hard to miss

What is the name of Dragon Ball episode 44?

Awaken, Legendary Warrior! Goku the Super Saiyan!

What episode does vagette go super saiyan 3?

He doesn't, but in dragon ball z raging blast he does.

How do you super saiyan in super dragon ball z?

by the fit of rage you you can turn super saiyan

Is super saiyan 4 a real super saiyan?

Yeah it is in Dragon Ball GT.

Is there really such thing as a Super Saiyan 5 in Dragon Ball Z or GT?

no its a made up super saiyan from the fake dragon ball manga called dragon ball AF

In what Dragon Ball Z episode is brawly first shown?

Broly first appeared in the Dragon ball z movie "broly the legendary super saiyan."