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episode 83 another transformation

This is Freeza. Cooler is in the Cooler's Revenge and The Return of Cooler movies.

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Q: What episode does Goku fight Cooler?
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What episode when Goku fights cooler?

goku doesn't fight cooler in an episode he fights cooler in the movie called dbz coolers revenge

What episode did Goku kill cooler?

goku didnt kill cooler in a episode. goku killed cooler in movie 6 the return of cooler.

What episode does chi chi and goku fight?

The episode in which Chi Chi and Goku fight is episode 137. It's also the episode in which Chi Chi becomes Goku's fiancee.

What episode does Goku fight cell?

its episode 162

What episode does goku fight majin vegeta?

episode 213

What episode does Goku fight jackie chun?

Dbz lost episode 4

What episode does Goku and gohan fight?

episode 75 in the fortune teller baba saga

What episode in dragonball on the computter did goku and chichi fight?

The episode that chichi fights goku is 137. Hope that's good info for you pplz

What episode in dragonball that Goku and piccalo fight?

Piccalo Sr. is: Episode #109Piccalo Jr. is: Episode #143

Who is stronger Goku or cooler?


Who is cooler Goku or vegeta?


What episode of Dragon Ball GT does Goku fight Super Android 17?