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If you mean to catch lugia, then it is the tidal bell. To get the tidal bell, follow these instructions.

1. Beat all 8 gyms.

2. Go to Prof.Oak.

3. He will tell you the Kimono girls want you.

4. Go to the Kimono girls.

5. Battle and defeat them.

6. After that they will give you the tidal bell.

Good luck!

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Q: What else do you need besides the silver wing?
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What else do you need besides the rainbow wing?

To catch Ho-oh you need a clear bell and the wing. For Lugia it's the silver wing and a tidel bell.

In soul silver what else do you need four luiga to show?

you need the tidal bell and the silver wing

What do you need besides the silver wing to catch Lugia?

If you want to catch lugia you need silver wing, tidal bell, beat all the kamino girls, complete all eight gyms

What else do you need to get Lugia?

you need the silver wing and the tidal bell. you get the silver wing after you get team rocket out of the radio tower and the tidal bell from the kimono girls after you beat all of them. hope it helped ;D

Does the silver wing works in the bell tower?

No. You need the RAINBOW wing

What do you need to meet lugia in Pokemon silver?

you need the silver wing key item

Do you need all 8 badges for silver wing in soul silver?


How do you get to lugia in the whirl islands in soul silver?

you need the silver wing

What else do you need with silver wing in soul silver to find the legendary Pokemon?

Whirlpool and if you don't like lots of randome pokemon battles a a few max repels would not hurt

How do you use silver wing?

When you are giving silver wing by the old man all you need to do is travel to the caves and look for lugia

Where do you use the silver wing on Pokemon silver?

You don't 'use' it. You need silver wing to get Lugia. It's located in one of the four islands to the south without Silver Wing in your pack it won't apear. Same with Ho-Oh except with the Rainbow Wing.

Do you have to have the rainbow wing and the silver wing for Ho-oh to appear?

No, you don't need both. You only the rainbow wing.