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it will hatch into Happiney

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Q: What egg does the hiker give you in Pokemon pearl?
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How do you get happiny in Pokemon pearl?

talk to hiker in harthome he will give you an egg hatch it and its a happiny

Where can you get Pokemon egg in Pokemon pearl game in eternal city?

a hiker by the east gate

How do you get a Chancey egg on your Pokemon pearl?

you cant you can only get a hapiny egg you can get the egg from a hiker in hearthome city at the south-east exit there should be a hiker hope i helped

Were to get happiny?

in pearl go to hearth rome talk to the hiker and then he will give you an egg

Where is the hiker who gives you a happiny egg in Pokemon Platinum?

Im sorry, but there is no happiny egg in Pokemon platinum. You got diamond or pearl? trade from there

What does the egg hatch into the egg that the hiker gives you pokemon pearl?

if you are talking about the one in hearthome city,it hatches into a lv 1 happiny

How do you get happiny?

You can get it in Pokemon Diamond or Pearl. You have talk to a hiker in Hearthome City.He will give you an egg, and inside it will be a LV.1 Happiny. Or you can breed a blissey or chansey with a ditto in the daycare and hatch the egg and its happiny.

How do you get your first egg on Pokemon Diamond?

Talk to the Hiker at Hearthome City and he'll give you a Shinx egg

Where can you see happiny in Pokemon Platinum?

A Lot Of Pokemon Trainers Have Happiny But You Can Also Get A Happiny In A Hearthome City There Is A Hiker Who Will Give You An Egg,And Inside That Egg There Is A Happiny.

Where do you get the free Pokemon in hearthome city?

You wak to the exit of town, and you will see a Hiker. Talk to him, and he will give you an egg.

Where do you get happiny in Pokemon platinum?

the easiest way; in hearthome city, talk to a fat hiker and he will give you an egg and when that hatches then it will be a happiny.

How do you get a egg in Pokemon pearl?

If you want a Lucario egg go to caveland city and go on the boat and then go into the cave and go down and then you will find a man called riley and the go through the cave with him and then he will give you a riolo egg. Or if you want a Happiny egg go to hearthome city and go out the front and talk to the hiker