What drops the liquid magma axe in aqw?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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On Friday there is a quest in the town square in battleton and you need that quest to get the rare item from the red dragon (which drops with a 10% chance) and when you get it you go back to the square and turn it in and you get the Liquid hot magma Axe.

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Q: What drops the liquid magma axe in aqw?
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Where do you find the liquid hot magma axe in aqw?

beat red dragon in valaskar lair

How do you get the liquid hot magma axe in aqw?

On Fridays, take Valencia's (/join battleontown) daily quest and once accepted kill the Red Dragon in /join lair until it drops the quest item. Turn it in to Valencia and you should get theLiquid Hot Magma Axe

Where is luiquid hot magma axe dropped in aqw?

Unfortunately, word has it that the drop is from the red dragon itself.

Where do you get the liquid hot magma axe?

kill the red dragon in the lair

Youtube aqw how to get artix axe good on aqw?

You cannot get Artix's golden axe on aqw but it will be realeased soon in doomwood along with necromancer (not at the same time). Before though you could get a silver axe but it is rare now.

Where is the enhancement of swordhaven axe in AQW?

you can enhance it by the blacksmiths dranaloth and trainers

Where do you get bone axe on AQW?

Just try to beat 5 to 8 times

Why doesn't snowbeard in aqw give you his battle -axe after giving him his gold?

Once you give Snowbeard his gold, he allows you access to his shop. It is in his shop that you can buy his axe.

What is the use of bone grinder medal in aqw?

The use of the Bonegrinder Medal in AQWorlds is to make the axe of Artix!

Where can you get liqid hot magma axe in AQ worlds?

Daily Quest On Friday

Does thrax ironhide drop any of his weopons or armor on aqw?

Yes it does and it drops 2 swords the first it's called "horc blade,,and the other one is called "tirant's blade,,wich is his blade by the way, the ''axe dagger,,and his helm but his armor is member only

What are the weapons that Harmoire drops in AQworlds?

it drops all the weapons in the inn the dagger, hammer, axe, blade, polarm and the staff you can find these weps in the 2nd quest also, the axe, blade and staff are mem