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Nothing, it means nothing to the games or relationships, it is just another of the 326 storylines available in Shadow the hedgehog.

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Q: What does the unlockable stage Miracle of Love between Shadow and Amy mean in Shadow the Hedgehog's game?
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Is shadow the hedgehog unlockable as a character?

.... what game...?

What is shadow the hedgehogs weakness?

Maria, so, yeah, love. love

Is shadow the hedgehog unlockable as a character in ssbb?

No but he is a assist trophy

What does shadow and Amy have in common?

they're hedgehogs

What is shadow the hedgehogs brothers names?

Shadow doesn't have a brother.

What are shadow the hedgehogs rings called?

inhibitor rings

Who is shadow the hedgehogs anti form?

Mephiles the dark

How do you unlock shadow in SSB Brawl NOT a assist trophy seceret unlockable character?

Go on shadow/ssbb.

What is shadow the hedgehogs real name?

Considering Shadow was apart of a scientific experiment named Project: Shadow, it can be assumed that that is his name.

Why shadow and silver look like sonic?

Because they are hedgehogs.

How do you unlock Shadow the Hedgehog in Brawl?

Shadow is only unlockable as an assist trophy in Brawl. He is unlocked as an assist trophy when you unlock Sonic as a player.

How to unlock shadow on Super Smash Bros Brawl?

You can't. He's not an unlockable character is SSBB.