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The first set of lettering says:

top right

lower left

top right

top left

top left

lower left

The second set of lettering further into the ruins says:


All Lives

Touch Other

Lives to Create


Anew and Alive

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Q: What does the unknown letter on the wall say in Pokemon platinum?
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How do you catch celibi on Pokemon platinum?

to do this you have to catch all of the unknown and talk to the wall and he will appear randomly on the game. Hope i helped.

What do you do in the unknown lair on Pokemon platinum?

you do not do anything really but when you go in there is letters on the wall read this and it will tell you were to find a roo with a rare candy and other items in it it is also the only place that you can get unknown in the whole game

How do you get past the wall in Pokemon Platinum?

You need action replay to do this cheat but it is only on Pokemon pearl

What is TM to scale wall in Pokemon platinum?

rock climb XD

What is the ar code to fix Pokemon platinum when you are stuck in a wall?

Your an idiot, you actually got stuck in a wall

In Pokemon platinum where is turnbackcave?

in Pokemon platem tern back cave is in side of sprind path wall

List of places to find stones in Pokemon platinum?

You dig underground, then chip the wall. P.S The wall collapses. From Abbie and Pokemon including Jirachi!

Is there an action replay code for the underground wall not to tumble down in Pokemon platinum?


Is mount coronet in the same exact place in Pokemon platinum as in Pokemon dp?

hell no theres a new wall

How do you I get out of a glitch wall in Pokemon platinum using action replay?

u use the walk through wall cheat again to get out

How do you catch unknown on Pokemon Crystal?

You can catch Unknown in the Ruins of Alph (near Violet City.) You cam unlock more Unknown by completing the wall puzzles.

Where is defog on Pokemon Platinum?

Defog is found in the Solaceon Ruins in Solacion Town. Follow the direction given to you by the Unknown (Read the text on the wall when you first enter) and you will get into a room with several items balls. One of them will contain the Defog HM.