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the "coal mine" is referring to the oldmine at oran isle. the thing that cleans the air is the airfilter. you jack into it, talk to the program, and then examen the upper right corner of the area to find some mem data.

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Q: What does the message at the doghouse mean in megaman battle network 5 double team ds?
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What do the message written on the doghouse mean on megaman battle network 5?


What is gpsletter for on Megaman battle network 5 team protoman?

not for much, but if you go into lans house and examen the window with the doghouse in it after obtaining the letter you will find a message on the back of the doghouse

What do you do in Megaman 5 battle network team colonel after you get the letter?

go to lans house and examen the window with the doghouse out back for another message. the answer to that message can be found on this website.

How do you get the yaicode i Megaman battle network 5?

Check Yai's message board.

Megaman starforce activate megaman blaster event action replay code?

Insert a Megaman Battle Network game into the secondary slot of your DS, then pulse in. Now go to the DogHouse near Bud's house and you'll find Megaman there.

Can you link megaman 6 to megaman 4?

no you can only link megaman games together if it is the same number like megaman battle network 3 blue to megaman battle network 3 white

In what Megaman game does Lan get Megaman?

battle network 1

What are some cheats in Megaman battle network 1?

go to and type in gameshake codes for megaman battle network 1

When was the Megaman Battle Network game created?

Megaman Battle Network game is a spin-off of the original Megaman and was released in 2001 for Game Boy Advance. In Japan it it is known as The Rockman.

Is Megaman battle network real?

yes it is they got battle network 1-6

How do you do the will job in Megaman battle network 3?

Go to one of the FAQs at GameFAQs. Also, try looking at the message from top to bottom. ;D

Where can you get Megaman battle network 5 ds?