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Nothing. Its Just a Decoration for your toon

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Q: What does the jetpack do in toontown?
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What is the best jetpack in jetpack joyride?

Rainbow jetpack (16,000 coins)

How do you fly a jetpack on roblox?

Well what jetpack, there are numerous jetpack types, models, and controls.

How can you make a jetpack?

You cannot make a jetpack.

Is there a toontown on Wii?

no there is not toontown on wii there is only toontown on the computer

Are there toontown cheats?

There are toontown cheats look on youtube :) "toontown cheats"

Is there any cheats for jetpack joyride?

no there is no cheats for jetpack joyride.

What is the ISBN of Where's My Jetpack?

The ISBN of "Where's My Jetpack" by Daniel H. Wilson is 9781596912878.

How do you activate Pulsefire Ezreal's jetpack?

When you get to Level 16, a jetpack should come online. The jetpack will allow you to fly for short distances.

Where do you get jetpack from?

You get the jetpack after you bring the giant the golden egg. The jetpack is at the far right of the clouds. Just keep going until you get to the end.

What is the function of a water-powered jetpack?

what is the function of a water powered jetpack

How do you get a jetpack on GTA 4 for x-box 360?

There is no jetpack on GTA4.

How do you move jetpack?

To move a resting jetpack: simply carry it up Active using of the jetpack: there is a steering stick (game stick probably)