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it is the symbol for the 7th column- a fansite for the halo community

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Q: What does the gear symbol mean in Halo?
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What does the dashboard symbol that looks like a gear with a plus in the middle mean when lit up?

If I am not mistaken that means you need to shift up a gear

What does a swords through a halo mean?

A halo is a religious symbol that signify's purity, a icon in religion. For example a Saint would have a halo, some sign of innocence. So a sword through a halo would signify that the innocence and purity is broken, out of existence and completely vanished.

What does the halo mean in Christianity?

The halo originated as the sun disc seen behind the head of the sun god, Apollo. Alexander the Great spread the image with his conquering armies, right across the Near East and into India, where it was adopted as a symbol for depictions of Buddha.The halo is no longer seen as pagan, nor as a symbol of the sun, but is used in art as a sign of holiness.

What is the ticker symbol for L.A. Gear?

There is no ticker symbol for L.A Gear, it is a Private company, that sells in the Athletic, leisure footwear, and apparel, it does nothave a ticker symbol.

What does the symbol that replaces the o in Halo represent?


What are the release dates for Top Gear - 2008 Halo vs- Velociraptor 1-4?

Top Gear - 2008 Halo vs- Velociraptor 1-4 was released on: USA: December 2010

How do you get new gear won halo 3?

find skulls and get achievements

What does the gear symbol mean next to your gamertag on halo3?

The tag doesnt mean anything its just wat tag that you have so you can communicate with other people

What is halo and what does this symbol signify?

halo is a weapon to destroy all life in the galaxy so that the flood will die off.

What Christmas symbol resembles the five Olympic rings?


Stock symbol for la gear?

The stock symbol for the La Gear company is lagr. This shoe company was founded in 1979 and is headquartered in California.

What does the HALO mean in the halo corporation?

halo is the ring world you spend halo 1,2 and 3 on