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Your save file is corrupted and cannot be recovered. This usually happens when powering off the DS or removing the game card while the game is saving. Unfortunately, you will need to start again from scratch.

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Q: What does the blue screen mean that comes on in Pokemon heart gold It says that the file is corrupted?
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When does Pokemon heart?

If you're asking when it comes out, it already came out.

Pokemon Heart Gold ROM black screen?

Redownload the ROM, as it may be a bad one.

Why won't Pokemon Heart Gold Version delete saved data?

At the main menu with the Pokemon screen press up select and b

Where is MAREEP and what time does it come out in Pokemon Heart Gold?

It comes out anytime on Route 32

What is the next Pokemon game after heart gold and soul silver?

it is Pokemon ranger tracks of light it comes out 12/29/10

Do you have to beat the elite four in Pokemon Emerald in other to make the migrate option pops up in Pokemon Heart Gold title screen?

no u dont

How do you get mystery gift on Pokemon Heart Gold?

I think it comes with it when you start the game, if it does, it's at the menu screen before you start playing, hit down on the D Pad until you go under "CONNECT TO POKeWALKER" and "MYSTERY GIFT" will be there

Where and when can you buy heart gold and soul silver Pokemon games in Australia?

its comes out in march 25th

What does it mean if your screen goes static in Pokemon heart gold?

well it just means that some of your pokemon are hurt like paralazed or posined. so just go to the pokemon center and you'll be ok

When do Pokemon soul silver and heart gold come out in Canada?

It comes out March 14 2010 in Canada.

How do you restart Pokemon Heart Gold?

At the title screen, press Up+Select+B. It will ask you if you want to delete your data. Note that all Pokemon on your pokewalker will be deleted also.

Can i change the language in Pokemon heart hold from french to English?

yes, go to the main screen when you turn on your DS and select the language