What does root fossil turn into?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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It turns into a Lileep when you give the root fossil to the scientist in Rustboro City.

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Q: What does root fossil turn into?
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What does the root fossil turn into?

it turns into lileep

Which Pokemon does the root fossil turn in to?

It turns into Lileep

What Pokemon is the root fossil in Pokemon sapphire?

root fossil is lileep claw fossil is anorith

Which fossil is lileep?

the root fossil

Where do you take the root fossil on sapphire?

Take your fossil to the Devon Corporation in Rustboro City. On the second floor, the guy on the back row will take it and turn it into a Pokemon for you.

What are the fossils in Pokemon emerald?

Claw Fossil - Anorith Root Fossil - Lileep

How do you get an anorith in Pokemon sapphire?

Go to where the desert (there's a sandstorm) is, you'll find a fossil (like a rock) and there's 2. Pick the claw fossil up not the root fossil. The other one sinks and is gone forever. The claw fossil is anorith, the root one is lileep. Then go to rustbro city and a scientist will turn the fossil to a pokemon.

What does a root fossil become?

The root fossil turns into a lileep which you can get restored at rustboro city

If you already choose a claw fossil how do you get a root fossil?

You make a Pokemon hold a root fossil on another game. Then you migrate or trade that Pokemon to the game that you have the claw fossil.

What fossils turn into what Pokemon on Pokemon Diamond?

okay the root fossil is lileep. The claw fossil is anorith. The helix fossil is omanyte. The dome fossil is kabuto. The old amber fossil is aerodactyl. The helmet fossil is shieldon. The shield fossil is cranidos. Good luck finding the fossils. no cranidos is skull fossil and you can only get shieldon in pearl and sheildon is the armor fossil

Which fossil is which in emerald?

The claw fossil is Anorith and the root fossil is lileep =D

Get the claw fossil or the root fossil in sapphire?

get the claw fossil because anorith is better