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Q: What does rebus puzzle scatter brained look like?
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Rebus puzzle west DDDD?

WEST INDIES. (sounds like WEST IN D's).

In rebus puzzle what does to u ch mean?

hi dear hou Hi..... I think it's "You are out of touch" or somthing like that

What does an h on a you mean?

If this is a rebus puzzle, the answer could be "you're under-age", since you under h sounds like you're under-age.

Answer to a rebus puzzle with the word POLKA written at the bottom of the square?

Do you mean like this: wear _____ polka dot? If so, it says Polka dot underwear.

What is the answer to this rebus puzzle mal invitation mal invitation mal invitation mal invitation?

looks like formal invitations to me

Which paw do dogs prefer?

It depends. Just like us, dogs can be left-brained or right-brained. So they are either left-pawed or right-pawed.

What are the differences between right brained students and left brained students?

Left brained students are more straight forward, like what schools like. Left brain = rational, logical, looks the different parts of a whole. Right brained students = creative, random, subjective, etc. You get the idea. See related link for more information

Pronunciation rebus of helium?

You Pronounce Helium Like This- (Hee-Li-Uhm)

What is baby snakes favorite food?

It depends on the snake, some like worms, some like brained pinkie mice.

What is Pronunciation rebus for sodium?

Like at the pable table it tell you...

Why some students are poor in educational system?

most educational systems are made to favour the left brained students so the right brained students become dumb this is because the left brain deals with logic maths and other stuff and is more like a wall street guy but the right brain deals with fun creativity and imagination and is like a mid town hipster. Unfortunately,educational systems favour left brained students more..

What is a manipulative puzzzle?

A puzzle that you can move like jigsaw puzzle.