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If you plug in your ds lite to charge and you see an orange light that means it's charging. If you're seeing an orange light without plugging your ds lite in to charge then I'm not sure what it means.

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Q: What does orange light on the Nintendo DS lite mean?
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What does lite mean in Nintendo DS lite?

It means 'light' as it is a smaller and lighter version of the original DS model.

What does an orange light mean on a Nintendo DSi XL?

The orange light means the console is being charged.

What is the meaning of lite?

Lite is an informal version of light usually used to mean something along "lightweight." In the Nintendo DS console it just indicates that the DS Lite is more portable, lighter, brighter, and more energy efficient.

Can you trade the Nintendo DS Lite for the Nintendo DSi?

If you mean simply trading one system for the other, then no, you cannot. The Nintendo DSi is worth about $150 while the DS Lite is worth about $110. You can, however, trade in the Nintendo DS Lite and cash for the Nintendo DSi. If you choose that method, you will need about $40 or so more to cover the cost. You can also choose to trade in your Nintendo DS Lite plus a game or two for the Nintendo DSi.

What is the new ds lite called?

Uhh......... If you just said it, "DS lite" dont you know??Different Person:Do you mean like the new Nintendo DS Systems like the Nintendo DSi, Nintendo DSi XL, or the Nintendo 3DS?

What do the 3 lights on the Nintendo DSi mean?

The yellow light is the WiFi signal, the orange is the console Charging and the blue/red light is how much battery is being used

What is a ds simple?

I think what you mean is DS Lite. There is no such thing as DS Simple. The DS Lite is a portable gaming console that has two screens. It is smaller and lighter than the original Nintendo DS.

What does the orange light on my computer mean?

The orange light along with the clicking sound means that the computer is loading

Can lite also mean the same as light?

No. "Lite" is actually not a word. It is an intentional misspelling of light, which has been adopted by various manufacturers in the names of various reduced calorie and fat versions of food products.

What does mean by NDS?

A 'NDS' is a Nintendo D.S. If you want more information on Nintendo d.s' then look around the web. As an extra piece of information, there are the original Nintendo ds', ds lite, dsi, and soon, the Nintendo 3DS, which will be an all new product, a new opening to a 3D virtual world, through the screen of the Nintendo 3DS.

What does it mean when the orange light goes off on Nintendo 3ds?

The blue light on the side of the 3DS shows that the 3DS is on and the light on the hinge of the 3DS shows that SpotPass data can be downloaded

What does the orange light on the wii mean?

The console is on standby.