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Nova 6 is a WMD that is used in Call of Duty Black Ops. It is a deadly strain of Nova gas that can kill people within minutes of contact. A small part of the story line revolves around getting rid of it. There is also nova gas in mw3.

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Q: What does nova 6 mean in call of duty?
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Is the gas used in call of duty called nova 6 real?

Nova 6 or Nova Gas is real and very deadly. It can cause real damage in the real world.

Is Call of Duty a follow up on Call of Duty 6?

call of duty is the series... call of duty 6 is the 6th game in the series... if you mean black ops, no it isnt.

What cod refers to?

It's the launch codes to the Nova 6 Missiles aboard the Rusalka.

What are the official Call of Duty 6 ranks for xbox live?

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Are some things in Call Of Duty Black Ops like Nova 6 real?

the only thing real is that ther was a war in vietnam thats all

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Call of Duty 6 is werse left 4 dead and Call of duty 6 have the same things it is just call of duty 6 has drugs put left 4 dead dos'ent

How many Call of Duty's did they made?

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Will Call of Duty 6 have zombies on the wii?

call of duty 6 wont be out on wii sorry., hth

Is there a cod 6 or Call of Duty 6?

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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

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