What does modding your Xbox 360 do?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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It gives you a console suspension from the Xbox LIVE Service. Where you Xbox 360 console will be usless where it cant be used anymore.

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Q: What does modding your Xbox 360 do?
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Does modding xbox 360 affect the disc?

Modding your 360 does not affect anything in a negative manner. Your original discs will work the same as they did before. -Personal experience from modding XBOX 360 for 3 years.

How do you make backups of Xbox 360 games and can this be done without modding the Xbox 360?


Can you get banned from Xbox 360 for modding on Halo Reach?

Yes especially online modding.

What are some good modding tools for xbox 360?

I wouldn't want to know because you can get a suspension from modding on Xbox LIVE

How do you mod just cause 2 for xbox 360?

Modding is illegal on the Xbox 360 and therefore you will get banned.

Does modding an xbox 360 affect the console or the hardrive or is it just the account?

Modding affects the console.

How can you play vcd s in xbox 360?

You can do it by modding your xbox 360. But it is very dangerous as virus can be transmitted through it.

Can modding harm your xbox 360?

Yes if not done right.

Can you mod Fallout 3 on Xbox 360 ixzz1cYL602DT?

Modding is illegal.

How do you mod world at war xbox 360?

Modding is illegal and you will get banned from Xbox permanently if caught.

What is a good xbox modding site because modio isn't working?

There are many sites which provide you with information about modding a xbox 360, however, this is very illegal and should not be attempted.

Can you put internet on Xbox 360?

Currently there is no way short of modding the xbox to put up a web-browser on it.