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It means that 343 who is in charge of Halo Reach matchmaking made it.

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Q: What does match made mean on halo reach?
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What does match-made mean on halo reach?

Match-make Its online gameplay, where you vs. People in different gametypes

Where is terminal 8 in halo reach?

there are no terminals in halo reach did you mean halo 3 or anniversary

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Will they make Halo 4?

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What does search mean in the new video game halo search?

it called Halo Reach

Is bungie going to create a halo where you can okay as aliens?

if you mean play as aliens you can in halo2,3 and halo reach

Is halo reach only for boys?

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What does Hells Jerome mean on Halo Reach?

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What does UNSC in Halo Reach mean?

United Nations Special Command

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