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you give it to a Pokemon that has trick the in a battle use trick then the other Pokemon has that item iron ect:in victory road the kadabra's have trick

It gives them +10 EV in defense

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Q: What does iron do on Pokemon Diamond?
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Get strength in Pokemon Diamond?

iron island

Where to get Crandos in Pokemon Pearl?

Trade with diamond, Pokemon diamond only can get it from a iron ball like fossil

How do you get Lucarios in Pokemon Diamond?

iron island but have some Pokemon that have HMS

Where to get TM 23 in Pokemon diamond?

get TM23 (iron tail) in iron mountain

Where to get shiny stones in Pokemon diamond?

Iron Island

How do you get TM23 Iron Tail in Pokemon Diamond?

TM 23 Iron Tail can be found in the Iron Mountain.

What is the code to get every Pokemon in diamond?

Fuego Iron works

Where is steelix on Pokemon diamond?

On iron island at the last room.

What Pokemon do you find in a egg at iron island on diamond?


Where can you find a shiny stone in any Pokemon games?

in Pokemon diamond and pearl, its in iron island

Where do you find riley on Pokemon Diamond?

You find him on iron island in the cave

Where is riluo found in Pokemon diamond?

Iron island the man gives it to you!