What does hfil mean?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Home for Infinite Losers- Dragon Ball Z

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Q: What does hfil mean?
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In Dragon Ball series do HFIL mean hell or the person change the name and made something different so it wont be bad?

I read somewhere that "HFIL" stands for "Home For Infinite Losers."

How do you get to king yenma's office after you beat the gamein dragonballz buu's fury?

after beating the game you go to the lookout and go upstairs there should be a small platform that you had saw in hfil and the kia's planet. step on the platform and press A then it will give you some options where to go but go to king yemens office from there it's quite self explanitory. oh and also if you talk to bulba you get a z exhibit.

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