What does halo stand for?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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High Altitude Low Opening

HALO the video game?

Well in real life HALO is a Military term meaninh

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Q: What does halo stand for?
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What does ONI stand for in Halo?

ONI, in Halo, stands for Office of Naval Intelligence.

What does jfo stand for in halo reach?

Joint Fires Observer

Can you take the turret in Halo 3 off the stand and back on?


What does odst stand for in halo odst?

Orbital Drop Shock Trooper

What goes FLEETCOM in halo stand for?

FLEETCOM means Fleet Command

Halo 3 what does ODST stand for?

Orbital Drop Shock Trooper

What unscdf stand for in halo or was it of?

United Nations Space Command Defence Force

Halo 3 what does E V A stand for?

Extra Vehicular Activity Armour

What does odsd stand for in halo wars?

Orbital Drop Shock Trooper aka ODST.

What does halo stand for in the video game?

Halo doesn't stand for anything. it means the halo rings that the forerunners used to destroy the flood. then later Master Chief used it to destroy the flood also.ORH.A.L.O. stands forHighAltitudeLowOpeningWhich makes reference to the altitude that the special ops team jump out of the deployment aircraft and the low altitude (after which) that they deploy their parachutes.

What do the halo holograms in halo reach mean or do?

The hologram in halo reach makes it trick people if your playing a campaign and find a hologram get it and send it were the bad guys are and the hologram will stand still and the bad guys will shoot at it its like a distraction.

Do you need to buy Halo 3 and Halo 3 odst together?

No you don't , Halo :ODST is a stand alone game that has 2 disks : 1- ODST story mood and a multiplayer mood called firefight 2-A disk that has all the Halo 3 multiplayer maps that you can play WITHOUT the need to have the original Halo 3