What does fire sale do on zombies?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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the ''fire sale'' allows you to purchase the box for $10 and and the perks for $1000 . rumor has it that the fire sale also decreases the price for the pack a' punch machine

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Q: What does fire sale do on zombies?
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What is a power up in black ops?

A power up is a shiny green thing in zombies. It could be nuke, double points, fire sale, max ammo, carpenter, insta kill or bonfire sale

How do you get rapid fire in black ops zombies?

You need to buy double tap root beer, which on the zombies map Kino Der Toten is located in the alley.

What do zombies do on Minecraft?

Zombies are one of the first mobs, or mobile entities, in Minecraft. The zombie attacks you dealing damage depending on your difficulty setting and what armor you are wearing. Zombies also attack villagers and upon killing them, turn them into zombie villagers.(Zombie villagers can be healed when affected by weakness and fed a normal golden apple.) Zombies spawn in villages, dark areas, and when it is night. If an area is well lit a zombie cannot spawn unless its a siege in a village. The zombies will set on fire when exposed to daylight. On rare occasions zombies can pick up drop items and wield them as weapons or if it is armor or a head, as clothing. (Zombies do not set on fire by the sun if wearing head gear.) On normal difficulty or higher zombies can also break down wooden doors after repeated hits.

How many Zombies are in Dead Rising?

There are unlimited zombies.

How many zombies per round in black ops zombies?

There are 11 different Call of Duty Black Ops maps for Zombies. They do not all have the same number of zombies. There are also different forms of zombies. There are Normal Zombies, Hellhounds, Crawler Zombies, Space Monkeys, the Pentagon Thief, Monkey Zombies, Napalm Zombies, Shrieker Zombies. Phasing Zombies, and Astronaut Zombies. The best source of information on the zombie mode is the related link that has so much information you could fill a book. It has been added under the related links under the name Zombie Mode Well round 1 there was around 6 zombies then I went on 10's, R-10 33 zombies R-20 60 zombies R-30 105 zombies, I'm no mathematician but im saying they average around an extra 25 - 50 per 10 rounds btw I died round 40 so I didn't get that number. v68IOU1v (ps3)

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How do you start a fire sale?

to start a fire sale you need to be a computer geek

How do you fend off zombies?

I think your supposed to light them on fire or spear them with wood

Can zombies reproduce?

Short answer is no. The modern zombie is dead from the brain down. Zombies cannot feel chainsaws ripping through their flesh. Zombies that are on fire just keep coming after you. If they cannot feel pain or pleasure zombies don't have the nerve response to reproduce.

Can the police car and fire truck and ambulance sirens blaring attract zombies?


Is there world at war zombies for Kindle Fire?

No because activision only published it on ios

How do you fire in you made a game with zombies xbl?

your right stick your lefts to move or vise versa

How do you get MG42 in nazi zombies every time?

There is no sure-fire way to get the MG42, but your best shot is with the mystery box.

What is the name of attack called in Die Hard 4.0?

That was called 'FIRE sale'.

What do you do after the green zombies appear in zombie rampage 2?

well, don't get the shotgun the magnum is powerful, but a low rate of fire, and green zombies are too fast no pistols i would recommend the SMG or the assault rifle. (probably SMG)

Is there going to be new nazi zombies maps coming out for ps3?

probally not actually yes ps3 PC and 360 its called vurruckt its may have peks in it and will be on sale march third

How did the First World War lead to World War 2?

the zombies from the blackops got out of the game and turned on them,so team delta went out with fire

How do you complete a fire sale?

watch the film, die hard 4.0 it explains all about 'firesales'