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Q: What does endurance do in dbz buu's fury?
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What are the old shoes for on dbz buus fury?


How do you get vegito in dbz buus fury?

you can only be him one time in dbz buus fury but there is an emulater code to be him not for gba it is for dbz buus fury online. but you can be vegito. all you do is get all hercule exibits and all dbz fighter exibits and you will have gogeta. this comment was posted November 8th 2009 at 10:03 at night good going dbz fans

In dbz buus fury what are the old shoes for?

it doesn't do anything

Where can you buy Dragon Ball Z buus fury that's not eBay?

I dont Use Amazon.And there`s no dbz buus fury at gamestop because i checked and i really want to get dbz buu`s fury

How do you get gohan to go super saiyan in dbz buus fury after training with the Kais?

you can't.

Where to find turkey in dbz buus fury?

store in planet of kai's after deafiting kid buu

How do you break the crack in yemmas wall in dbz buus fury?

Yemma's wall is located in the Dragonball Z game, Buus Fury. There is no way to break the crack in Yemma's wall. The crack in the wall is a design feature only.

What to do if your stuck in a area dbz buus fury?

Try to go all directions but there are a few areas from which you can never get out. Ashwin Hendre

Dbz buus fury is there any good place to train?

actually the best place to train is in the wastlands where buu was when i trained there i 200 quick

Is dbz buus fury for only for gba not gbasp?

In essence the two are the same handheld console, just different releases, thus the game should work on both.

Dbz buus fury where is the bandana?

the bandannas are in the airplanes in flying mode just go on one a usually their will be dudes on their so just beat the crap out of them and they might drop a bandanna

How do you get to ss3 on dbz buus fury?

You fight majjin buu on the rooftop, beat him after that goku can be a super saiyan 3. to turn gotenks ss3 fight super buu in the hyperbolic time chamber