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The efficiency of a pickaxe in minecraft is the speed at which the pickaxe can mine materials.

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Q: What does efficiency give on a pickaxe in minecraft?
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What is efficiency in minecraft?

Efficiency makes your pickaxe break blocks faster.

What are all the enchantments for a diamond pickaxe in minecraft?

Efficiency, Silk Touch, Unbreaking and Fortune.

What efficiency do on Minecraft?

Efficiency is an enchantment applied to tools. It decreases the time taken to break blocks, and a diamond pickaxe at efficiency V swipes through stone faster than on creative.

What kind of picaxe do you need to mine diamonds in minecraft?

You will need an Iron Pickaxe (or better).If you mine it with a wood/stone pickaxe it will break and give you nothing.

How do you mind stone in Minecraft?

You need a pickaxe. Any pickaxe will work.

How do mine diamonds in minecraft?

You need an iron pickaxe or diamond pickaxe.

Where can you get Minecraft pickaxe?

At holloween stores.

How do you make a oven baked pickaxe in minecraft?

There is no "Oven baked pickaxe" in vanilla minecraft, wether there is a mod for it, i don;t know

How do you mine Ruby's in minecraft pe?

There is no rubies in minecraft pe but if your talking about diamond you have to mine it with a iron pickaxe. You can't use a gold pickaxe

What can you use redstonepickaxe for in Minecraft?

There is no such this as a redstone pickaxe.

How do you make a pickaxe on Minecraft with wood?

Go into Google and type in and then click on the link, then go to the search bar in Minecraft Wiki and type in pickaxe.

How do you harvest diamonds on Minecraft?

In order to collect diamonds in Minecraft, you have to have an iron pickaxe, if you are wondering how to get iron, you have to have a cobblestone pickaxe and find the brownish looking ore then mine it. Once you have it, you need to cook it into iron ingots then craft an iron pickaxe then there you have it.