What does dlc mean?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Downloadable content.

You need an internet connection on your system and then you can pay for extra things in some games.

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Q: What does dlc mean?
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What is the DLC in Rock Band 2?

DLC mean downloadable content like songs

What Does DLC Mean in Halo 3?

Downloadable Content (for any game that has DLC, really)

What is mass effect 2 ldc?

You probably mean, DLC. DLC stands for downloadable content. BioWare release DLC for ME2 on xbox live, every so often.

What is DLC in banking mean?

Direct Line Cost

What are all the Halo 3 maps?

Assembly (DLC)Avalanche (DLC)Blackout (DLC)Citadel (DLC)Cold Storage (DLC)ConstructEpitaphFoundry (DLC)Ghost Town (DLC)GuardianHeritic (DLC)High GroundIsolationLast ResortLongshore (DLC)NarrowsOrbital (DLC)Rat's Nest (DLC)Sandbox (DLC)SandtrapSnowboundStandoff (DLC)The PitValhalla

What does DLC mean in video games Mario Kart 8?

DLC is short for 'Downloadable Content" meaning that you can pay extra money for some additions in the game. In Mario Kart 8, the DLC is to get new characters, karts, and stages

How do you get a code for Dawnguard?

If you mean the Xbox 360 version, you can buy prepaid DLC cards from game stores such as Gamestation, these have a redemption code that lets you download the DLC.

What does dlc mean in WWE?

DLC?! I have no idea. TLC means Tables, Laddes, and Chairs and it is a match made popular by the Hardy Boys, Dudley Boys, and Edge and Christian.

Is Skyrim's DLC Dawnguard free?

No, it is paid-for DLC.

What does five mean in cod black ops?

"Five" is a Zombies map, part of one of the DLC packs. (I'm not sure which, I have all 4 DLC packs & don't remember which one it was on)

Do you need all the DLCs on mw3 to play them?

If you buy one dlc you can play anything on that dlc but if you want to play an other dlc you need to buy that dlc

When is the Black Ops 2 DLC being released?

There is no more dlc. Apocalypse was the last dlc released.