What does dishonest mean?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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not honest. Deception, not being able to be trusted.

Lying, cheating, etc.

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Q: What does dishonest mean?
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Related questions

What does hinky mean?

dishonest or suspect

What does deceive meen?

It mean to be dishonest

What does knavery mean?

A deceitful or dishonest act

What does insincere mean?

It means to be dishonest, deceitful or hypocritical.

Prefix for honest?


Other words that mean the same as dishonest?

Lie, untruthful, and bent.

What does Dishonest Nonworkers mean?

You collect unemployment checks, but don't work.

what does this mean this person has a doubtful honesty?

It's a rather odd, stilted way of saying "This person may be dishonest". Out of context and at a guess, I'd say it's meant to emphasize the likelihood that the person in question is dishonest ("he's probably dishonest"), as opposed to the other way around ("he MAY be dishonest, but probably not").

If Patricia is dishonest, then Narda is dishonest; Patricia is dishonest; therefore, Narda is dishonest. What isa the answer Seductive reasoning or inductive reasoning?


What is a sentence using dishonest?

he is a dishonest boy

What does knave mean in Shakespeare?

A knave is a dishonest man or a rouge or rascal. Its also the Jack in cards.

What part of speech is the word dishonest?

Dishonest is an adjective.