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She won't give you anything when you catch her.

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Q: What does cream give you when you catch her on sonic adventure?
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How do you get a sonic chao on sonic adventure dx?

You need to have a regular chao to get a sonic chao on Sonic Adventure DX. Before your regular chao evolves to a neutral chao, you need to give it a lot of speed. As it evolves to green, give it more speed so it turns blue.

How do you get your chao to go to sleep on sonic adventure 2 battle?

Give it time

Sonic adventure 2 battle can you give a chaos chao fruit?


In sonic adventure battle 2 If you want to make a sonic chao can you give it a chao fruit?

In Sonic Adventure 2 battle a chao that looks like sonic would be neutral/running/running you could give it chao fruit just as long as the skill with the highest level is running for both evolutionary cycles.

How do you get chaos to fall in love in sonic adventure 2 battle?

Give it a heart fruit

What was the name of the sonic game that came out 10 years ago?

None released 10 years ago exactly, give or take a few years it was around the time where Sonic Adventure and Sonic Adventure 2 were released (Late 1998-2001)

How do you get a shadow chao on sonic adventure dx director's cut?

when he small first you give him any habits fast then when he will be big you will see sonic or shadow

How do the chaos on sonic adventure 2 battle fly?

Give your chao purple drives (You can get them by defeating enemies) and raise it's fly stats higher than Lv.10 atleast. If your lucky you will catch your chao flying!

How do you mate chao on sonic adventure 2 in GameCube?

Buy heart fruit and give it to your chao and he will mate

Sonic adventure battle 2-can you give your chaos chao Drives and animals?

yes and the lght chao can take them as well

In sonic adventure 2 battle for gamecube can you give a chaos chao chaos drives AFTER its a chaos chao?

But you can't before it is

Who is Cheese on Sonic X?

Cheese is a little friend of Cream the Rabbit that follows Cream around places. Cheese helps Cream give idea's of what to do next. Cream and Cheese is considered as a Sonic couple. Anyway Cheese is also a Chaos. Chaos's are really rare in Sonics world