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She is a Woman Behind a Cash Register Who owns her own little Kinda ''Market''.

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Q: What does clerk look like in sims 2 psp?
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Who is the clerk in deadtree sims 2 psp?

her name is pita . chat with her

Are there any games like the Sims 2 or Sims 2 castaway for the PSP?

yes, there is a Sims 2 for the PSP.

Who is the Clerk on sims 2 psp?

Clerks are just the people behind the counters in shops there are 3 clerks in the game.

Who is the clerk in the sims 2 psp game?

HER name is Pita, she at the end of dead tree. It looks like a woman standing behind a cash register. She sells PLASMA!!!

How 2 get married in sims 2 psp?

you get your Sims to like each then you click propose

Can you get The Sims on PSP?

Yes - the Sims is available on the Sony PSP.

Is there a version of The Sims 3 for the PSP?

No, The Sims 3 is not avaliable on the PSP.

What does a psp look like?

looks like a PSP

How do you install the Sims 3 on dsi?

how do u get sims2 and 3 on ds that is the same as psp sims because i wont to do all the stuff on the psp sims on ds sims so please make one like that please

Is there sims on PSP?

Yeah, but it's not the same as the one on the computer. On the psp you have to complete challenges like a story.

Can you get sims castaway on PSP or DS?

You can get sims castaway on both PSP and the DS

Can you die on sims 2 PSP?

Yes you can die on Sims 2 PSP