What does clefairy evolve into?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Clefairy evolves into Clefable. Use moon stone on clefairy to evolve it into Clefable.

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Q: What does clefairy evolve into?
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What level does clefairy evolve in Pokemon fire red?

Clefairy cannot evolve into Clefable by leveling up in Pokemon FireRed. The only way to evolve Clefairy is by using a Moon Stone on it.

On pok'emon diamond what level does clefafairy evolve?

Clefairy doesn't evolve at a certain level. You need to use a Moon Stone on Clefairy to evolve it.

What level does clefairy evolve in Pokemon crystal version?

Clefairy doesn't evolve by level, you'll have to use a moonstone on her.

What level does clefairy evolve at in Pokemon LeafGreen?

if you want to evolve clefairy you must have a moon stone you can get one at MT.Moon

What does clefairy evolve into in Pokemon?

Clefairy evolves into Clefable when given a Moon Stone.

Does cleffa evolve?

Yes. To Clefairy.

What Pokemon evolve from a stone?


What can you evolve with a moon stone?

you can evolve nidorena and nidoran, clefairy.

What Pokemon can the moonstone evolve?

Use it on a clefairy and it will evolve into a clefable

How do you evolve clefairy?

Clefairy will evolve when a Moon Stone is used on the pokemon. Go into the Bag and find a Moon Stone press A on it then Press A on Use then go to Clefairy press A and the evolution will begin.

How do you evolve clefairy on Pokemon Red?

use a moonstone to make it evolve

What level does clofary evolve?

first its clefairy and second it evolve's with a moon stone