What does bowser jr mom look like?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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People mistake peach for Bowser Jr.'s real mother. Jr.'s real mom was named Clawdia. Now, you might think,"is this guy crazy?!?" But believe me. Clawdia was Bowser's wife. But she died when Bowser Jr. was very young. Clawdia wasn't in any game at all. That's why you never hear of her/know anything about her. So, Bowser was actually brainwashing Jr. that Peach was his mom.Oh! and one more thing, to find out more about Clawdia, go to Mario Kart Wii. Go onto Bowser or Jr. and it will have something about Clawdia. She was also in the koopa's yearbook.

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Q: What does bowser jr mom look like?
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Is peach bowser jrs mom?

No she is not. You probably got that from Super Mario Sunshine where Bowser says to Bowser Jr. that his 'mama' is Peach. In the end of the game Bowser confesses to Bowser Jr. and says she's not really his mama.

What does it look like to unlock bowser jr Mario kart wii?

It looks like unlocking any other character or vehicle or anything of that sort, except with Bowser Jr. there. If you're also wondering how to unlock Bowser Jr.: Complete all 100cc Retro cups with at least a one-star ranking.

What does Bowser look like?

Bowser is the archnemisis of Mario and Luigi. The two bros are known around the world. Bowser has a spiky green shell and has a menacing laugh.And he also has 8 kids:Larry, Roy,Lemmy,Wendy,Iggy,Morton Jr.,ludwig, and Bowser Jr. He is voiced by Scott Burns.

Who is stronger waluigi or bowser jr?

Bowser jr.

How old is Bowser Jr.?

Bowser Jr. is 9.

How old bowser Jr?

Bowser Jr. is 9.

Does Bowser jr like peach?

No! He's like mini bowser! he's on bowser's team! trying to capture princess peach/toadstool!

Which Child Does Bowser Like The Most?

Bowser Jr., because he looks and acts like him, which reminds Bowser of himself when he was a child(Baby Bowser reference) and he shows potential.

What is bowser jrs proper name?

Bowser Jr's proper name is Bowser Jr. He is called "Junior" by his father, but his real name is Bowser Jr.

Who is Yoshi mom?

apparently, there is no male or female yoshi. they just lay eggs...

Who is stronger king boo or bowser jr from Mario?

Jr Bowser

Is it true bowser jr in Super Smash Bros Brawl?

No,Bowser Jr is not in brawl but the original bowser is.