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Bth (Bonus to hit) is just a little added chance for your attack to not miss. The higher your bth, the less you miss.

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Q: What does bonus to hit mean in adventure quest?
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Adventure quest world hit job?

How do i move the furniture in my house in adventure quest?

What is BTH in adventure quest?

BTH=(Bonus To Hit) basically it is a modifier used against monsters depending on there def against different attacks (melee,range,magic) and depending on your weapon it changes

In Adventure Quest Worlds how to do quest hit job?

fight thrax in marsh and wisteria in guru forest

Can you talk on Adventure Quest?

Sadly no the original game AdventureQuest does not have that function BUT!!! In there newest hit game Adventure Quest Worlds you can talk with other people and play with them to. Check it out :D

In adventure quest world how can you hit 1000 with rouge class armor?

get higher level on it

How do you send private message in adventure quest world?

type /r and then hit the space bar

How do you delete a character in adventure quest world?

OK u want to delete a character on Adventure quest worlds ill show you. first you go to then you scroll down to account and hit manage account then you type in your password and username then it will show a box that says manage account go to it and hit delete account

What is the highest hit ever hit on adventure quest worlds?

I hit the black knight with 51234 damage glitch. The highest hit for mage class is a round 1420 that I (gigamoe4) hit by using ice shard then fireball.

What does the enchament luck do adventure quest worlds?

It simply Increases Your chance to Critical hit and makes your Critical hit Do higher Damage.Its Great for Healer class,because you do more heals than normal.

How do you talk on Adventure Quest Worlds?

To talk on Adventure Quest Worlds, click the chat bar on the bottom-left. Type the text you want to be displayed, then hit Enter or click send. If that does not work, it means either you are not of an age old enough to chat or that you have not yet confirmed your account. If so, go to your email and click the confirmation. You should then be able to chat.

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on the mini game in the main menu you get a new race track

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