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it does all the pedal notes for you. so you dont have to keep your foot on the pedal. it does it for all of you. WARNING: the auto kick cheat doesn't work online

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Q: What does auto kick on guitar hero world tour do?
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What is auto kick in Guitar Hero?

Auto kick is in the game when you you are playing the drums, the cheat automatically kicks without you having to. will save you leg energy.

From your opinion which should I buy Rock Band or Guitar Hero?

Well, It mainly depends if your a Drummer, or singer, or guitarist. Personally I am a guitar player. If you are to, I recommend Guitar Hero. Rock Band does have allot of instuments, but if your a guitarist you'll get a way better kick out of Guitar Hero.

What is Auto Kick in guitar hero world tour?

Auto Kick is a cheat mode affecting the drums. It will play all the kick pedal notes for you, so you only need to focus on hitting the drum pads and cymbals. To activate it, go the Cheats menu in the Options screen, choose Enter new cheat, and then enter Yellow, Green, Red, Blue, Blue, Blue, Blue, Red. You can then toggle Auto Kick on and off. Using this cheat in the Xbox 360 version of the game will disable achievements.

What are some peoples friend codes on guitar hero world tour?

hey peoples my friend code is 481212611920 so be my friend and i will kick your but on expert so get off computer and invite me

How do you make money on guitar hero world tour. all of a sudden I can't make anymore my cut is always 0 Why or how I can fix it?

There is no way to cheat the game into giving you lots of money - You have to earn it into career mode. As for why you are no LONGER earning money, it's because you have either the auto-kick or the auto-slide cheats on. Those will negate your ability to earn in-game cash, achievements, etc.

How do you turn on the auto kick after entering the cheat code on guitar hero 5?

When you go into the quickplay or carrer etc there is a screen asking you who your character is and all that stuff. Go to the bottom and there is band lineup and options. Go into options then cheats. You can turn it on there as well as other cheats

How do you play guitar hero world tour without pedal for drums?

The only way is to use this cheat code:Yellow, Green, Red, Blue, Blue, Blue, Blue, Red.this means that the game will play the kick notes for you

Will a guitar hero drumset work with rock band?

yes it will but it will only use the kick pedal and the 3 pads and one cymbal, unless they have changed it. Yes the yellow cymbal will work and all the others will too except the orange. To fix that you will need to follow this link.

What is the most overrated metallica song?

Enter sandman, but its still kick ass. Since Guitar Hero 3, "One" has been ruined by guitar hero fanboys who think that "One" is an album. It's got to be Enter Sandman, its to radio frendly. But don't get me wrong, it's still awesome.

When did ronaldinho become famous?

He was realy made a hero after the free kick against England in 2002 world cup.

How do you use the kick pedal on Guitar Hero?

The bass pedals on the drum kits are used in the same way as the regular drum parts, except you use it only when there is a solid bar across the game area

Did guitar hero steal rock bands idea?

No. Guitar Hero 1 and 2 were created by Harmonix and Red Octane. After Guitar Hero 2 came out, Harmonix was bought by, and recently separated from, Electronic Arts, and Red Octane was bought by Activision. However, the two companies were contractually obligated to 3 games, therefore they released the critically sub-par "Rocks the 80s". At that point, Harmonix, under EA, went on to produce Rock Band, which added vocals and drums, and has a very different visual style. At the same time, Red Octane, under Activision, released Guitar Hero 3, which started to include real-life musicians Slash and Tom Morello. Red Octane had already submitted a copyright for "Drum Hero", and upon seeing the success of the "whole band" approach that Rock Band took, it was determined that the progress on "Drum Hero" would be folded into Guitar Hero: World Tour. Due to the fact that Harmonix had already released a drum peripheral with 4 drums and the kick pedal, Red Octane decided to take a different approach, resulting in the 3 drum, 2 cymbal, kick pedal Guitar Hero drum set. However, it is believed that the separation of Red Octane and Harmonix may have damaged the music game genre in the long run, with 2009 being the worst year in sales for the genre since before Dance Dance Revolution was first released by the Bemani subdivision of Konami. The reason for the low sales were due to the "over-saturation" of the market by Activision, with Guitar Hero: Aerosmith, Smash Hits, Metallica, 5, Van Halen, and Band Hero all being released within a very short amount of time, with some of them getting very poor reception. It is unclear whether Harmonix will continue as an independent company or be bought out by Activision.

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