What does ambi- mean?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Ambi is latin meaning "both" or "on both sides".

eg: ambidextrous meaning dexterity (for writing) in both hands.

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Q: What does ambi- mean?
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What does the suffix ambi- mean?

Ambi is a prefix that means 'both' (i.e. ambiguous - double meaning, ambivalent - having 2 conflicting emotions).

What does the medical terminology combining form ambi- mean?

Ambi- means both, so ambidextrous, for instance, means capable of using both hands.

When was Ambi Budd created?

Ambi Budd was created in 1912.

What dose Ambi mean in Latin root?

A prefix meaning both and around.

What are words that begin with ambi?

Ambiance and ambition.Some words that start with ambi are:ambianceambidextrousambiguitiesambisexualambitionambitionambitsambivalenceambient

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What is a sentence for ambi?

both sides

Is ambitious a prefix?

ambi is a prefix

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