What does a Pokemon trainer do?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Catch,raise,battle pokemon. Also, tries to beat the elite four.

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Q: What does a Pokemon trainer do?
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How can you be a Pokemon trainer?

To be a Pokemon Trainer, you have to own and train pokemon.

Where is the trainer hill in Pokemon Ruby?

There is no Trainer Hill in Pokemon Ruby. Trainer Hill is only in Pokemon Emerald.

If there is a trainer that has gligar where is that trainer in Pokemon diamond?

The first trainer on the way to the Pokemon league has a luminion.

How do you find Pokemon trainer trophy on super smash brothers brawl?

Beat clasic mode as the Pokemon Trainer to get the Pokemon Trainer trophy.

Where is the trainer who has best Pokemon in Pokemon FireRed?

If you train your pokemon or use cheats you can be the best trainer.

Does sudowoodo belong to a trainer?

It is a wild Pokemon, so no, it does not belong to a trainer. You can't catch other trainer's Pokemon.

How do you catch a trainer's Pokemon with the code catch trainer's Pokemon?

after entering the code go to whatever trainer you want to battle and try to catch there Pokemon

What trainer has a Turtwig in Pokemon Platinum?

Route 201 Pokemon trainer Barry Route 203 Pokemon trainer Barry Jubilife City Pokemon trainer Lucas Jubilife City Pokemon trainer Dawn (If you chose Piplup) Eterna city gym Gym leader Gardenia Hope I helped!!!! :D

Where is a Pokemon trainer that has carnivine in Pokemon Platinum?

no trainer has it try finding it in safari zone

Where is there a trainer in Pokemon Platinum with the Pokemon bagon?

Sorry but there isn't a trainer with a bagon in platinum.

Where do you find a trainer who has a glacion in Pokemon platinum?

Where do you find a trainer who has a glacion in pokemon platnum?

Where is a Pokemon trainer that has octillery in Pokemon platinum?

There is no trainer with it, but you can evolve remoraid at level 25.