What does Pokemon really mean?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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It's short for "pocket monsters."

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Q: What does Pokemon really mean?
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Does Pokemon really mean Pocket Monsters?

You bet it does! Pokemon is just the short version (an acronym, if you will) of Pocket Monsters.

Can you make unshiny Pokemon?

If you mean normal Pokemon, then they are very common. Just go anywhere you can find regular Pokemon and you'll find them really easily. If you mean something else, then I have no idea.

Where do you find swuikun on Pokemon platinum?

If you really mean SUICUNE - well, it does not appear in there.

What does mean look do in pokemon?

Mean look will prevent the other Pokemon from escaping.

What does it mean when a Pokemon is brooding with energy?

They get really strong and start pounding everybody who you tell them to.

What level does marill evolve at in Pokemon emerald?

its at around 30 and i really don't mean to offend you but if that Pokemon is on your team i don't recommend it and it wont do as well as other Pokemon ......

What do the signs in celestic cave in Pokemon diamond mean?

They don't really mean anything. It is just markings that have unown on the wall.

How do you find shiny Pokemon in?

Well It REALLY rare and i mean really rare to get them (i have got 1 in the 2 years of playing pokemon) (it was a Geodude)Tip: Keep LookingTip: NEVER GIVE UP!!

How do you get pokerust on Pokemon Diamond?

You mean pokerus it is a Pokemon desige that doubles how much experience you get in battle. It is a really rare to get it. also when you have it you can put it in the PC so it can spread to other Pokemon.

In Pokemon Mystery Dungeon what does somethings approaching mean?

In Pokemon Mystery Dungeon "Something is approaching" Does not really mean much at all, except "GET TO THE STAIRS NOW!" because if you don't, then you will be defeated from nowhere.

How many Pokemon are really there?

There are really 490 pokemon, including DARKRAI.

Can you get the tri-pass in Pokemon HeartGold?

i mean i was really think if it is exis in pokemon hg and ss