What does Pikachu say?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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sometimes he sais pi pikachu

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Q: What does Pikachu say?
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What is the best Pokemon in SoalSilver?

It depends. Some say Lugia is, I say either Pikachu Pikachu or Pikachu.

Who is more famous columbo or Pikachu?

Considering I have never heard of columbo, I would say pikachu.

Who is more famous Simba or Pikachu?

Pikachu, it's obvious, if you ask someone who doesn't know much about pokemon, they always say pikachu. try it!

Who is more famous Spock or Pikachu?

Pikachu is more well know than Spock. Pokemon is also very well known. But I say Pikachu

In Pokemon Heroes what does Pikachu say?


What does Pikachu say in Pokemon hereos?


Why do some Pikachu cards say Pikachu is a basic Pokemon but he is not so why do they say it?

Because some of the Pokemon cards/ Pikachu cards won't put that Pichu is the evolved form of Pikachu. The Pokemon cards that have Pikachu on them are mostly old and Pichu wasn't made back in the Kanto or Johto Region. If you have a Raichu card look at the card and you'll see a picture of Pikachu then you'll know what I mean.

Where do you find Pikachu in diamond?

The trophy garden. Talk to the dude who owns it and then eventually hell say he found a pikachu and his butler'll get it and then itll be there

How do you say party in Pokemon language?

Answer:Depend on with Pokemon you are! if you are a pikachu say, "PIKA!!!" :P

Who is more famous shadow the hedgehog or Pikachu?

That is an opinionated question, but since Pikachu is the primary mascot of pokemon, and Shadow is a secondary mascot (Sonic is obviously the primary) I'm going to have to say Pikachu.

Is ash's Pikachu a guy or girl?

his pikachu's gender is unknown, but i'd say boy. P.S. his pikachu is from kanto, not sinnoh, Pokemon from kanto don't have gender differences. so just because his pikachu doesn't have the dent, doesn't mean it's still a guy.

Will Pikachu be in Pokemon Black and White?

pikachu will not be in black and white unless you trade one or migrate it. if you watch the anime it will say that pikachu and other kanto/johto Pokemon are extremely rare in unova. shorten it there is a 1 in a million chance that a random A.I. trainer will have a pikachu.