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PWT stands for Pokemon World Tournament.

It can be found south of Driftveil City in Pokemon Black 2 and White 2.

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Q: What does PWT mean in Pokemon white?
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Where is the world tornement in Pokemon black and white 2?

The Pokemon World Tournament (PWT) can be found by exiting Driftveil City from the south and following the path.

Is there a second rigon on Pokemon Black and White?

No there is not a second region in pokemon black/white but in pokemon black2/white2 the unova region does expand adding places like Virbank city and the PWT (pokemon world tournerment). Hope This Helps :)

Which is harder the Pokemon World Tournament or the Battle Subway?


Where is the move deleter in Pokemon black 2?

The Move Deleter is in a house at the PWT.

Where do you fight red in Pokemon black 2?

You can only fight him at the PWT, south of Driftveil, as part of the the Champions Tournament.

How can Venusaur learn frenzy plant in Pokemon black and white 2?

Visit the move tutor at the PWT (Driftveil) the furthest right one (since the pledge one is there also), but your Venusaur must be very happy for them to teach you it.

How do you get a Razor Fang in Pokemon white 2?

It is found on Route 11. It can be bought at the PWT and Gear Station for 8BP

Does sunfisk evolve in white Pokemon?

you mean STUNFISK in Pokemon black and white, and no he does NOT evolve at all

How do you bread Pokemon in Pokemon White?

If you mean BREED Pokemon in Pokemon white, you put a girl and boy of the same Pokemon in daycare, and you will later get an egg from the daycare people.

What does looker mean when says about the Pokemon that is like N in Pokemon white?

a dinosuar

Were to find a trainer with an electrivier in Pokemon White?

I think you mean Electivire. Unfortunately, there are no trainer with an Electivire in Pokemon White. There is only one in Pokemon Black which is in Black City but Black City is not in Pokemon White.

Where is the Move deleter in white 2?

I believe the move deleter is in driftveil city to the lower left of the poke world tourney (PWT) place is