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One Man Army - Change classes at any time.

One Man Army Pro - Change classes at any time + Swap classes faster (from 5 to 3 seconds).

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Q: What does One man army pro do on Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 2?
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Who is shepherd in Call of Duty?

Shepherd is a General in the US army on Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

Is Americas army beter then call of duty 4 modern warfare?

they have their avd. and disavd.

Is army of two better than Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare?

well it's all in opinion. it's a hard decision. so I'll go with army of two. Call of Duty Modern Warfare has sold way more games and is higher in popularity in it's time.

How do you get a change kit thing for call of duty modern warfare 2?

You have to unlock the perk, it is called One Man Army.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 how to get the title quick change artist?

get 300 kills with one man army

What are all the army video games?

Well, there are many army video games like: Borderlands, Call of Duty World at War, Call of Duty Modern Warfare, and Modern Warfare 2, Medal of Honor, Army of Two, God of War, World of Warcraft, Halo 3 ODST and a lot of other games but these are the top 10 I reccomend.

Are there any army games for the Nintendo DS?

yeah. Modern Warfare MOBILIZED, call of duty world at war. But their might be more that idk of.

What is better call of duty modern warfare reflex edition or GoldenEye 007 on wii?

That depends on what kind of FPS game you like. If you prefer secret agent style missions, you would prefer GoldenEye 007. If you prefer modern army stealth and action objective games, you would prefer Call of Duty: Modern Warfare: Reflex.

What army does general shepherd side with in call of duty modern warfare 2?

*SPOILER ALERT* In the beginning, Shephard was on the American's side, but in the end, he was actually the one that started the war.

How 2 get unlimited bullets on call of duty modern warfare 2?

Use a machine gun, tier 1 perk Scavenger or tier 1 perk One Man Army.

Will there be another World War 2 game for Call of Duty?

Very doubtful. But there might, and you never know... there was a Cod MW2 and there might be a Cod WAW2, too. No the next sequel in the series after Call of Duty World at War is Call of Duty Black Ops and not World at War 2. The Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 is part of the Modern Warfare series designed by other game designers.

What is Call of Duty basticed on?

The Modern Warfare series are based on a real life missions undertaken by the SAS and Army! Whereas the obviously World at war is world war 2 and black ops is the cold war!