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I always thought it was Game Cube Nintendo. But you might be right. But if you have noticed, some of the courses have stuff like SNES, and GBA. I can tell you what the rest of them stand for.

GBA - Game Boy Advance

SNES - Super Nintendo Entertainment System

N64 - Nintendo 64 (No brainer)

DS - Nindento DS (duh)

BTW : This is how I know I am right.. I have a Game Boy Advance along with the Mario Kart for it. If you look at the Mario Kart for Wii, there is one called Shy Guy Beach. That one is from the Game Boy Advance. Cuz I have played that course on the game boy advance... Though for the battle course from the game boy, I have no clue where that came from...

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Q: What does GCN stand for on Mariokart Wii?
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